The Gift of Reconciliation


Integrate Scripture at the core of every lesson and remind children that everything in life is a gift.  As Catholics, we respond to God’s gifts throughout our lifetime as we celebrate the sacraments with thanks and praise.

This series contains five core lessons, each of which contains three parts: Family Time, Learning Time and Prayer Time.

This series provides a complete Family Guide for the Hispanic Community which contains a Spanish translation of the child’s books.

In addition to either a hardcover or paperback student book, available support includes the Catechist Guide, with an easy-to-follow three-step lesson plan and reduced student pages that makes lesson planning and presentation effective and engaging. Every lesson begins with adult formation – an opportunity for catechists to learn about and reflect on the lesson theme.

A Family Guide offers prayers and activities that support children’s lessons.

A music CD has components for both Gifts of Eucharist and Gifts of Reconciliation and includes instrumental tracks and hymns and songs found in current worship aides.

A VHS video can be used at catechist/parent meetings.

The Program Director’s Manual includes tips for planning and formation, parent gathering models, celebrations, retreats for children and families, black line masters in English and Spanish, and suggestions for adapting the student text for older children.

Table of Contents: Program Director’s Manual
Program Overview
Planning and Formation
Meetings, Celebrations and Retreats
Program for Older Children
Blackline Masters

Additional activities for home and family that can be adapted for the program may be found here.