We Give Thanks and Praise


The Eucharist: We Give Thanks and Praise program explores the meaning of rituals, symbols, gestures, and prayers to promote active participation.  This program is designed to touch the heart as well as the head, engaging children using story, Scripture, doctrine and prayer. Available for both Primary and Intermediate levels, in English and Bilingual Editions.

Each lesson begins with an engaging story that connects with Scripture to invite children to a living relationship with God’s word. Family involvement is encouraged at every step, and a Little Catechism provides a review of basic Catholic doctrine.

A Catechist Guide provides a comprehensive faith summary, clear learning objectives, optional activities and a black line master for each lesson.

A Bilingual CD is a program resource with music in both English and Spanish. Sixteen songs, each with vocal and instrumental tracks.
Song Listing: Psalm 100: We Are God’s People/Nosotros Somos Su Peublo; Somos el Cuerpo de Cristo/We Are the Body of Christ; Hear Our Prayer; Open Our Ears; Malo, Malo/Thanks Be to God; We Remember; Go Make a Difference; Pan de Vida; Amen, El Cuerop de Cristo; I Send You Out; Let the Children Come; Gathered As One; Come to the Table; Pescador de Hombres; Te Damos Gracias; Agua de Vida (Water of Life).

The Program Director’s Guide includes everything in both English and Spanish that a director needs to implement the Eucharist: We Give Thanks and Praise program. Sections of the manual include Forming the Catechists, Involving the Parish, and Connecting to Families. Many reproducible handouts, letters and bulletin inserts, with outlines for parent/child meetings, catechist training sessions, and liturgical experiences. Prayer services, mini-retreats, supplementary articles and a list of recommended readings are included. Three-ring binder with dividers.

Table of Contents: Program Director
Implementing the Program
Forming the Catechists
Involving the Parish
Connecting to Families
Sample of “Pause and Reflect”