Reconciliation: Pardon and Peace This series is Scripture based and includes:

  • Student books with an engaging story in each lesson that connects with Scripture to invite children to a living relationship with God’s word. Family involvement is encouraged at every step, and a Little Catechism provides a review of basic Catholic doctrine.
  • A Catechist Guide that provides a comprehensive faith summary, clear learning objectives, optional activities and a black line master for each lesson.
  • A bilingual (Spanish and English) Program Director’s Guide with sections that include: Forming the Catechists, Involving the Parish, and Connecting to Families. Many reproducible handouts, letters and bulletin inserts. Outlines for parent/child meetings, catechist training sessions, and liturgical experiences. Prayer services, mini-retreats, supplementary articles and a list of recommended readings are included.


Reconciliation: we are your people the sheep of your flock series includes: This series is Scripture based and includes:

  • Beautiful keepsake books that prepare children with lessons that provide ritual, Catholic doctrine and liturgy, Scripture, and activities for family involvement. A glossary, daily prayers, and a certificate are included in each child’s book for children ages 7-9. (A helpful program guide provides lesson plans and activities for older children 10-14.)
  • A Family Guide that provide families with effective catechesis asking parents to reinforce your lessons, or prepare their children completely at home. Each easy-to-accomplish four-step lesson begins with a family ritual and concludes with an activity and closing prayer. (View chapter-by-chapter activities.)
  • The Catechist Guide has easy-to-follow and clear objectives, includes solid background, and provides a simple process. Each guide includes an opening and sending forth ritual for each chapter, additional activities, glossary, Scripture plays, and more.
  • The Program Director’s Manual makes programming for sacrament preparation easy and effective. Six special sections in the manuals highlight information and resources for : The Program Director, Prayer and Ritual, The Parish Assembly, The Family, The Catechist and Preparing Older Children (10-14 years old).
  • A music CD is also available for the program. It was developed in partnership with Oregon Catholic Press and contains a variety of liturgical and catechetical songs. A mixture of songs in English and Spanish and elected instrumental tracks are provided.
  • Scope and Sequence


The Gift of Reconciliation includes: This series is Scripture based and includes:

  • Child’s hardcover book, beautifully designed with contemporary photographs and engaging illustrations that lead primary grade children to discover God in their lives, meet God in Scripture and Tradition, and live with God always.
  • The Catechist Guide has an easy-to-follow three-step lesson plan with reduced student pages makes lesson planning and presentation effective and engaging. Every lesson begins with adult formation – an opportunity for catechists to learn about and reflect on the lesson theme.
  • The Family Guide provides the opportunity for nurturing family spirituality with prayers and activities while reviewing the children’s lessons.


We Celebrate Reconciliation is a series based on Scripture and Tradition:This series is Scripture based and includes:

  • Student’s manual, We Celebrate Reconciliation: The Good Shepherd, is aimed at children ages 7-8 and focuses on the themes God loves me, Jesus guides me, Jesus calls me to love others, Jesus forgives me, and we celebrate Reconciliation.
  • Student’s manual, We Celebrate Reconciliation: The Lord Forgives, is aimed at intermediate grades. It includes eight lessons, each with four steps: life experience, Scripture, personal response, and the community’s response. With colorful photos and drawings, a review section with the themes from each lesson, a glossary and a selection of prayers.
  • Catechist and family guides are available for both books, and a Celebrations book is available for The Lord Forgives.