Available programs



Available programs

We Give Thanks and Praise

Using a storytelling approach, this program connects Scripture with real-life stories and invites children to live God’s word. Two levels are available.

Introduction to the Eucharist (Primary Grades):
We Give Thanks and Praise Family Guide

Introduction to the Eucharist (Intermediate Grades):
We Give Thanks and Praise Family Guide

Table of Contents, Student Book
Chapter 1  Belonging
Chapter 2  Gathering
Chapter 3  Listening
Chapter 4  Giving Thanks and Praise
Chapter 5  Remembering
Chapter 6 Sharing a Holy Meal
Chapter 7  Serving Others
Chapter 8 Living Eucharist
A Little Catechism
Music Lyrics


Eucharist: Do this in memory of me

Filled with practical tools and a wealth of information, this state-of-the-art manual makes programming for sacrament preparation easy and effective.

Chapter 1: We Belong
Chapter 2: We Gather
Chapter 3: We Listen
Chapter 4: We Give Thanks
Chapter 5: We Remember
Chapter 6: We Celebrate
Chapter 7: We Live
Celebrating the Mass
Receiving the Eucharist
My Daily Prayers
Scripture Cards

The Gift of Eucharist

With Scripture at the core of each lesson, children are led to celebrate the sacrament with thanks and praise, helping them to see God in their lives in Scripture and Tradition.

Table of Contents, Student Book
1. Let’s Give Thanks and Praise
2. Let’s Celebrate
3. Let’s Pray as One
4. The Gift of Gathering as Community
5. The Gift of God’s Word to Us
6. The Gift of Christ’s Body and Blood
7. The Gift of Serving Others
8. The Gift of Everlasting Life
9. After the Celebration: Let’s Follow Jesus

The book includes a final section, “We Celebrate at the Lord’s Table,” with sections of the Mass for children to use as reference.

We Celebrate the Eucharist

These books, beautifully designed with contemporary photographs and engaging illustrations, lead primary grade children to discover God in their lives, meet Jesus through the Eucharist and go forth on their journey as a disciple.

Table of Contents, student book

1. The Eucharist is About Belonging
2. The Eucharist is About Celebrating
3. The Eucharist is About Listening
4. The Eucharist is About Caring
5. The Eucharist is About Making Peace
6. The Eucharist is About Giving Thanks for Creation
7. The Eucharist is About Giving Thanks for New Life
8. The Eucharist is About Sharing a Meal
9. The Eucharist is About Going Forth to Make a Better World