RCL Benziger offers two programs that prepare students to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation:

Confirmation: Filled with the Holy Spirit, they proclaimed the Lord Jesus, emphasizes ritual in a highly effective catechetical lesson plan, focusing on the eight aspects of the Confirmation rite. Both younger and older teens will be ready to experience and appreciate the beauty of the sacraments and gradually come to know the mysteries of our faith.

  • Rooted in a solid sacramental theology that includes ritual, prayer, Scripture, doctrine, and reflection that leads to service.
  • Centered in community, which “lives, celebrates and bears witness to faith” (General Directory for Catechesis 68).

The Gift of the Spirit  is aimed at junior high and early high school candidates. This curriculum uses reflection, prayer, Scripture, doctrinal review and activities to invite candidates to become more actively involved in their preparation for the Rite of Confirmation.

  • Leader’s Guide: The Rite of Confirmation forms the basis for this easy-to-use resource. A solid theological foundation, reflections for adult leaders, and a host of creative activities are provided to lead young people into deeper understanding and commitment. Black line master handouts for students and sponsors are included.
  • Rituals and Retreats: Eight blessings and rituals (four traditional and four contemporary) utilize the central symbols of the Rite of Confirmation. Two retreat plans are included and are easily adapted to meet the needs of younger or older candidates.
  • Candidate’s Book: A better understanding of personal friendship with Jesus and membership in the Catholic community are stressed throughout each of five colorful sections. Prior to each session, opportunities are provided for reflection and journaling.