Eucharist: Do this in memory of me

Eucharist: Do this in memory of me

The experience, celebration, and reflection on ritual is a key step in the catechetical process of RCL Benziger’s sacrament preparation program. Each chapter in RCL Benziger’s Eucharist begins with an opening ritual. Each of the opening rituals invites the children to enter into the chapter by praying with primary symbols and ritual actions used by the Church in the celebration of its sacramental rituals.

The proclamation and reflection on Scripture is an essential part of the Church’s sacramental celebrations. It is also a key element in RCL Benziger’s sacrament preparation program. Each chapter of RCL Benziger’s Eucharist contains a complete Scripture story. The Scripture story flows from the opening ritual and points to the doctrine/liturgy of the lesson.

Since the times of the apostles the faith of the Church has been passed down through the generations of believers, who have gathered to celebrate Christ’s sacramental presence with the Church. RCL Benziger’s Eucharist prepares children for participation in the Eucharist by helping them understand what we believe as Catholics and relates those beliefs to the celebration of the sacrament. The doctrine taught in each chapter of Eucharist is directly related to the opening ritual and to the Scripture story, and points to the “What Difference Does This Make in My Life?” and the “Together as a Family” pages.

The Eucharist program implements the principle that parents are the primary educators of their children. Each chapter of RCL Benziger’s Eucharist child’s book has a “Together as a Family” page, in addition to the “Together as a Family” feature that runs throughout each chapter. This page has four consistent features that provide families the opportunity to remember, share, pray, and get ready for the celebration of Eucharist.

A “Eucharist: Do this in memory of me” music CD is also available, developed in partnership with Oregon Catholic Press. It contains a variety of liturgical and catechetical songs to accompany this program. A mixture of songs in Spanish and English and selected instrumental tracks are provided.