Parents and Family

Looking Back:  Reflection questions for parents and other family members

Looking back on any significant event always gives us greater awareness and appreciation for the past experience. The same is true with your child’s celebration of Eucharist. Through reflection on the experience and the rituals in the liturgy, we are able to clarify and extend the meaning of the celebration of the sacrament. Therefore, following the celebration of first communion, take some time together to discuss your recollections.

What do you remember about the celebration of the sacrament?
When you picture the celebration in your mind, what was most special to you?
How did you feel?
What does this experience tell you about God?
What does this experience tell you about Jesus?
What does this experience tell you about the Holy Spirit?
Now that you have celebrated first communion, how will you act differently?
Parents: How was your faith affirmed as you prepared for and celebrated this sacrament with your child?